Car Cleaning Acronyms Explained

If you are wondering WTF is TFR, APC or LSP then wonder no is at hand; failing that this may help you until you find some more informative answers.

What is APC?

All Purpose Cleaner. It’s a cleaning product that has many uses, something that can be used for all purposes, the jack of all trades in the car cleaning world. Very useful as it can replace lots of products for interior and exterior use.

What is TFR?

Traffic Film Remover. Remover of all things traffic filmy. Traffic film is basically the build up of crap around the bottom third of your car. TFR is commonly used in trade cleaning for its fast and effective cleaning ability.

What is LSP?

Last Stage Product. The last product you use in your car cleaning session, usually a wax or sealant applied after polishing; the last thing to touch your car and therefore what is going to protect and add shine to your paint and make it turn all those pretty girls heads you are trying to impress.

What is IPA?

Beer. And IsoPropyl Alcohol. A distilled alcohol used to remove oils from paintwork after polishing. Although there are now more effective options.

What is ONR?

Optimum No Rinse. A type of rinseless car wash to enable you to clean your car without a hose pipe and not make a hash of it like your neighbour using a tea towel.

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