Best Car Engine Cleaner 2017

We test the most popular engine cleaners and put them through their paces to see which one removes the most dirt and grime while leaving an as-new finish.

best engine cleaner review

While the use of a traditional car shampoo is sometimes enough to keep your engine bay clean if maintained regularly, the use of a good engine cleaner and degreaser will be necessary if it hasn’t been cleaned for a while.

A good engine cleaner will make it quick and easy to remove built up grease and grime to restore an as-new appearance in no time.

You will not only enjoy a new-looking engine but you will usually get your car looked after with more care if the mechanics take note of your exceptionally clean engine bay!

So with this being said, whats the best engine cleaner for your car?

Best Engine Cleaner For Cars

5. Car Pride Engine Degreaser

Car Pride Engine Degreaser is a powerful solvent based degreaser in an easy to use aerosol to make the job as clean as possible.

It is the cheapest degreaser on test and shows this.

Whilst it can be used to remove light grease marks, it is not as simple as spray on and wash off as the product claims.

It will remove fresh oil but oil and stains that have been through many hot and cold cycles that has burnt them on won’t remove easily.

Whilst it wins the award for cheapest product the only benefit is it won’t clean your wallet out but also won’t clean your engine too well.

Verdict: cheapest product on test but you only get what you pay for.

Buy for just £1.81, Online.

4. Astonish Engine Degreaser 750ml

Overall: Good value degreaser for those looking for a budget engine cleaner

Astonish are known make a range of value cleaning products including a vast range of car care products.

Their Engine Degreaser is an easy to use spray-on product which is designed to make cleaning your engine as simple as spray-on, wipe-off.

It removed caked on oil off our 100,000+ mile test engine which had been leaking for a while so had plenty of stubborn marks to remove.

On lighter patches of oil the product was sprayed on, left to dwell for a couple of minutes then rinsed off with low pressure.

It removed some of the stains well but still required multiple applications and scrubbing to remove the more stubborn marks.

Overall: Astonish Engine Degreaser is a good value engine cleaner. Their are stronger cleaners available but it offers some of the best value for money so even if you need to use more than other products you can still end up with more money in your pocket.

Buy Astonish Engine Degreaser for just £3.63.

3. WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser

Overall: fast performing degreaser with useful smart straw function makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas

You may be familiar with WD-40 but you may not realise they have also developed a range of specialist products designed for specific problems.

WD-40 Fast Acting Degreaser from the ‘specialist’ range comes in the same can that you would find the original WD-40 in so also benefits from the same smart straw.

The product itself works quickly and can break down grease and oil immediately on contact.

It worked well on removing grease off our test engine and was easily rinsed away with low pressure water from a hose pipe.

WD-40 Degreaser makes it easy to degrease hard to reach areas with the smart straw, lifting the straw into place which gives a precise shot of degreaser that can also fit into very tight areas.

It is gentle but effective and can turn messy old engines into clean & fresh bays that mechanics would love to work on!

Get WD-40 Specialist Degreaser for just £7.99 online.

2. Gunk 733 Engine Degreaser

Verdict; still one of the best and strongest degreasers around, just knocked down for modern eco-safe options

Gunk has been around for years making quality degreasing products for all around the home.

Gunk 733 Engie Degreaser is another great product that makes light work of degreasing your cars engine or greasy car parts.

They make a spray on version but this original formula has been around for 35+ years and is still a fantastic product making it easy to turn greasy mess into a showroom cleanliness.

Gunk 733 is a brush on version which is worth the slightly more effort over a spray version for the extra return in great results.

Most other products rely on some agitation and brushing anyway so using a product that is designed to be brushed works with your workflow anyway so is worth getting a product that works so well.

The only reason it doesn’t make our top spot is for its slightly stronger formula which isn’t water-based and bio-degradable; not a problem for very messy jobs and solid engines but just a mark down in terms of overall comparison.

Buy Gunk 733 Engine Degreaser Brush On 1L or for the best value try the larger Gunk 6868 5L Ultra Engine Degreaser.

1. Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner

Verdict: Effective solvent-free, bio-degradable cleaner that is safe to use on the most delicate engines & parts.

Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner is another great product that compliments the Autoglym line up of premium car care products.

It works quickly when breaking down grease and grime from engine bays but also highly effective when removing grease from door hinges.

The best results are obtained when it sprayed onto the affected area and left to dwell for a few minutes.

The soiled areas can then be agitated with an Autoglym Hi-Tech Brush which will boost the effectiveness of the engine cleaner and cut through the thickest of grime.

Heavily soiled areas may require additional applications of the Autoglym Engine Cleaner but the bio-degradable solution is gentle in use and safe to use on the most delicate engines and painted parts.

Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner was a clear winner for its value, effectiveness and safe bio-degradable solution.

Buy Autoglym 1L Engine and Machine Cleaner for just £7.26 online!

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