Best Car Glass Cleaner 2017

Looking for a quick and easy way to clean your car glass without streaks?

Then read on to make your glass look invisible with our short list of the best car glass cleaners to save you time and get more shine!

Using one of the best cleaners for car glass will make it easier to clean your glass without streaks, leaving you to relax and enjoy the view.

Best Glass Cleaner For Cars

Before we get into which are the best glass cleaners for cars, it is important to know how to get the best out of them.

The most important thing is to use clean, microfibre towels, and at least two of them!

Use one of the towels as your wet/cleaning towel; the other/s as your buffing towel.

This alone will really help to get your glass looking invisible as the buffing towel will be able to remove any streaks which are left after the initial clean.

#5 Autoglym Car Glass Polish

Autoglym Car Glass Polish is a powerful cream based glass cleaner.

It is designed to clean glass quickly and easily by removing all dirt from side windows, rear windows and windscreens.

It easily cuts through grease and grime like tobacco film from the inside glass as well stubborn marks like bugs on the outside glass such as the windscreen.

Autoglym Car Glass Polish is easy to use and effective on very dirty, neglected glass.

Its non abrasive formula makes it safe to use on nearly all new and old glass and can’t be over-used.

It’s only downfall is the slightly higher cost per use and how it can mark surrounding trim if not very careful in use.

Price: £4.94. Make your glass look like new with Autoglym Car Glass Polish.

#4 Stoner Invisible Glass

Stoner Invisible Glass is a quick and easy to use, water based glass cleaner.

Its powerful non-abrasive formula makes it easy to quick through dirt and grime whilst leaving a streak free shine.

Stoner haven’t put any soaps or dyes in their glass cleaner to make it easy to clean your glass to a streak-free shine.

Invisible Glass is great regular cleaning of all the glass in your car and a very small amount is needed to effectively clean your back, side and front glass.

Whilst it is a great, and highly recommended, glass cleaner it can sometimes leave a residue on certain screens and it’s slightly higher price pushes it out of the podium onto number 4.

Price: £10.99. Read More Reviews of Invisible Glass Online.

#3 Meguiars Perfect Clarity

Meguiars have long been producing quality car care products and their glass cleaner is one of the best items.

Meguiars Perfect Clarity makes your car glass cleaning a breeze and the sweet scent makes it a pleasure to work with.

It is designed to be professional strength and in our tests found it to cut through the dirt and grime quickly and easily with little work required to ensure a streak free finish.

It is a great glass cleaner and nothing bad can be said about it, but the effective and economical solution from Autoglym with their Fast Glass makes it slip to number 3.

A great contender and worthy of your car care collection but the strong competition shines it way past.

Price: £8.92. Available on

#2 3M Glass Cleaner

3M Glass Cleaner is the only cleaner we tested that offers a foam spray application.

This may seem like a gimmick but foam application offers one of the most economical solutions due to the small amount of product dispensed.

Not only was the foam application the most economical it was also the easiest to use as there was no drips or runs like the other liquid based glass cleaners we tested.

The non-drip formula makes it great for hard to reach places and especially the sunroof where others can end up dripping down.

It makes light work or dirt and grime and was easy to obtain a streak-free shine with very little product.

The use of a couple of microfibre towels ensured the perfect lint-free finish and was one of the largest products in the line-up.

3M Glass Cleaner is also safe and effective on tinted windows and even around the house.

If this was slightly more competitive on price, this probably would have been our winner.

Price: £9.90. Available to buy on

#1 Autoglym Fast Glass

Another top 5 entry by Autoglym; their quick and effective ‘Fast Glass’.

Unlike their glass polish, Fast Glass is a water-based, non-abrasive glass cleaner suitable for all car windows including acrylic and perspex.

All you need is some quality microfibre towels to quickly and easily remove all dirt and grime from the inside and outside of your car windows and leave a streak-free shine.

Autoglym Fast Glass has a fresh scent that is pleasant to work with and doesn’t leave any fragrances behind.

The lack of added perfume and high alcohol content makes the glass cleaner pure and less chance of leaving streaks or old grime across the window.

Fast Glass cuts through tobacco, road and vinyl film on the inside as well as bugs and stubborn dirt on the outside.

It is economical with very little needed to clean all your windows inside and out so you can have crystal clear glass to be proud of for months!

Price: £5.38. Available at

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