Best Car Upholstery Cleaners 2017

You don’t have to suffer with your dirty, smelly, stained seats any more!

Using the best car upholstery cleaner will revive your seats and make it feel like you are driving a new car every day!

Our review of the best upholstery cleaners for your car makes it simple and quick to choose the right products for you, so you can enjoy making your car feel and look fresh without stress or having to choose from hundreds of options.

So, lets get your cars interior looking like new again..

Best Car Upholstery Cleaner Reviews

5. Greased Lightning Stain Shifter

Greased Lightning produce a range of car cleaning products emphasising ease of use and speed.

They started with their waterless wash designed to make it possible to clean your car without water or sponges.

They have since complimented their range with more products designed for the rest of the car including the interior.

The Greased Lightning Stain Shifter is designed, as the name suggests, to shift stains from your upholstery and interior fabric surfaces.

The product had hit and miss results on our test subject vehicle (1998 Honda Civic) shifting some lights stains but struggling on more obvious marks.

Verdict: It is easy to use by simply spraying and removing soiling with a quality microfibre towel but as it didn’t live up to marketing claims this falls down our top 5 upholstery cleaners.

Size: 1000ml / Price: £9.99 / Buy Online

4. Astonish Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Astonish Upholstery Cleaner is a budget upholstery cleaner that packs a punch above its weight.

It can remove stains that other cleaners struggle to remove but requires a bit more agitation than others on test.

Another benefit of the Astonish upholstery cleaner is it can kill mould and mildew which even some of the top performers don’t offer.

It also claims to disinfect and sanitise interior surfaces as well as deodorise so is an ideal candidate for those looking to clean upholstery and carpet in a car that has sat around for a while or got damp and suffers from a musty smell caused by mildew.

Verdict: Astonish offer one of the best value upholstery cleaners which places in the number 4 spot but the top 3 performers offer some hard to beat performance.

Size: 750ml / Price: £2.95 / Buy Online

3. Meguiar’s Carpet and Interior Cleaner

Meguairs Carpet & Interior Cleaner is their top selling upholstery and interior cleaner offering quick results.

Like a lot of the other Meguiars range the product itself is pleasant to use with an inoffensive scent but more importantly effective results.

The interior cleaner can be sprayed over the affected area in your car and for best results scrubbed with an interior brush.

The foamy soiled solution can then be mopped up with a quality microfibre cloth wrung out to avoid re-soiling.

It effectively removed unsightly water marks from the test car upholstery to leave a clean and fresh looking interior.

Meguiars Carpet & Upholstery cleaner contains gentle cleaners combined with optical brighteners which really enhance light colour carpet and restore an as-new finish.

Verdict: Removes stains with ease and highly effective on light colour interiors. Only slips on top spot for lack of leather-safe cleaning.

Size: 473ml / Price: £9.94 / Buy Online

2. ArmorAll Multi Purpose Cleaner

armour all upholstery cleanerArmor All offer a fantastic product designed as an all purpose cleaner but outstanding as an upholstery and carpet cleaner due to its multi-grade cleaner.

An all purpose cleaner is one of the most common products used by professional car cleaners due to its versatile capability and effectiveness.

Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner is a great upholstery cleaner that is effective on all sorts of stains and marks and can be used on all interior surfaces without harm.

It will make light work of removing marks and soiling so is ideal if you just bought a used car and want to remove signs of previous use or want to give your car the once over without having to use multiple different products.

AA All Purpose Cleaner can also be used around the outside of your car as a light engine cleaner, degreaser and general cleaner for any heavily soiled areas including grimy door shuts.

Verdict: Great product for use on all interior surfaces as well as providing better value by being suitable for on exterior surfaces.

Size: £4.38 / Price: 500ml / Buy Online

1. Autoglym Interior Shampoo

Autoglym produce quality British made car care products and their Interior Shampoo is designed for British soiled interiors!

It will deal with stains from water marks and dirt with ease, exactly what you need when you live in rainy climates!

Beside this the Autoglym Interior Shampoo is the perfect blend between effectiveness and gentleness, something which is key when cleaning a vehicle interior containing plenty of delicate surfaces.

It is effective enough to clean heavy soiling from floor mats to removing light soiling from delicate leather and even alcantara.

The combination of an interior sponge or brush with some quality microfibres to clean away any soiling will cover most interior soiling problems and leave you with an interior that not only looks good but smells great.

One of our favourite things about the Autoglym Interior Shampoo is the fresh smell which helps remove unwanted odours and help maintain a showroom feel every-time.

It will make it easy to keep every surface in your cars interior looking like new and due to its gentle formula makes it certified by Bentley & Aston Martin as safe on all leather upholstery.

Verdict: Highly effective and safe to use on all interior surfaces including leather as-well as providing a fresh scent to leave your car looking and feeling like new.

Size: 500ml or 5000ml / Price: £4.74 / Buy Online


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