Autoglym High Performance Tyre Gel Review

Autoglym High Performance Tyre Gel is a high viscosity silicone gel tyre dressing.

It sits along side their Instant Tyre Dressing and offers manual application instead of spray-on.

The lack of spray makes it a preferred application for when more accurate dressing is required.

Upon opening you are presented with a sweet cherry scent similar to their professional car shampoo.

It contains active silicone polymers which leave a high gloss finish but can be buffed down to a more natural look.

The consistency is similar to runny honey which makes dispensing quick if not a little easy to over-apply.

A small amount of the tyre gel was applied to a piece of foam and worked in.

Prior to application the wheel and tyre were cleaned with Autoglym Clean Wheels and dried.

The Autoglym Tyre Gel was rubbed into the side wall of the tyre until evenly covered.

Initial passes feel sticky and unwilling but applying more tyre gel to the applicator made this easier.

Once the applicator was saturated with tyre gel the application was easy and smooth and less product was needed to dress the remaining tyres.

An even and glossy shine was left on the tyres although this can be reduced by buffing immediately after applying.

The shine can also be increased with a second application once dry.

Although due to the gel consistency we found it never fully dries out so is best to leave at least 30 minutes before applying a second coat.

After just one coat the tyres were turned from dull to deep and wet looking and unlike their water based dressing should retain the shine for a lot longer.


Autoglym Tyre Gel is an easy to use premium tyre dressing for those looking for a durable shine.

The gel consistency reduces the chance of tyre dressing flinging on your cars paint over liquid dressings and is more accurate than spray applied dressings.

The Autoglym Tyre Gel is an obvious rival against the ever popular Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel so an endurance test will be posted soon.

Application is easy and made pleasant with the sweet scent.

Just make sure you wear gloves to avoid slippery fingers.

It is a viable option for all car owners due to its flexibility in satin and gloss finish.

Plus the lack of water helps give the dressing more durability over the popular Instant Tyre Dressing.

So more time can be spent driving and shining than washing and grinding!

Try it today; Buy on Amazon.

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