Best Car Wax For Winter

Winter is one of the toughest seasons on your car putting it through cycles of wet, dry, cold and sun-zero temperatures that do havoc to your cars appearance and longevity!

Like ourselves, when it’s cold outside we need to keep our cars protected and where a moisturiser can prevent damage to our skin, a good wax can prevent damage to our paint and stop it becoming dull, rusty and contaminated.

Best Car Wax For Winter

The following waxes are recommended based on their benefits needed in a car wax for winter which include durability, effectiveness and ease of application during colder periods.

3. Autoglym HD Wax

Autoglym HD Wax best wax for winterWe Like: great glossy finish, good durability and plenty of matched products to maintain its finish

We Rate: 8/10 Protection. 7.5/10 Application.

We Say: Autoglym HD wax is a great choice for protecting your car over the winter period, it’s from a global brand and it’s heritage shows through the quality finish provided.

It can be fairly fussy to apply by clumping but this can be avoided by using the smallest amount of wax and not saturating the applicator.

It does come in a kit and comes with 2 applicators and a microfibre towel to buff the wax; this alone is worth £6.99 so is fairly good value even it is still the most expensive wax on test.

Autoglym make a full range of car care products so you can buy all you need to ensure the wax is applied to the best possible surface to ensure you get the most protection and benefits from it; the most popular preparation products for this is the Autoglym Clay Bar Kit and Super Resin Polish.

Using these products before applying will ensure your paint is silky smooth and old polish removed so the wax is applied to a clean surface plus gain a little extra gloss from the super resin.

You should easily be protected all winter with HD Wax as we found it lasts around 4 months on its own but if you maintain it with bodywork shampoo conditioner and their quick detailer you should be able to get up to 6 months before applying another coat.

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2. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax

bilt hamber double speed wax best winter waxWe Like: Best value wax on test, impressive durability, high gloss shine

We Rate: 9/10 Protection. 8/10 Application.

We Say: Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax has been another great performer that proves itself every winter with its high shine and durable protection making it easy to protect your paint all the way until spring.

Bilt Hamber aren’t as well known in the retail markets but are very popular and well known within the professional industry for their quality, effective and environmentally friendly products.

Application is exactly the same as the other waxes on test, using a foam applicator to apply a thin film to all painted surfaces but this definitely required the least amount of product.

Applying too much or over too large an area made removal much harder than its designed to be; split panels, even moderately sized ones, into smaller areas and concentrate on one small area at a time.

Removal and application were a lot easier using this method and made the process a breeze; even so, for the durability of this wax its well worth some elbow grease!

Using Double Speed wax to protect your paintwork during winter will make it easy to see off any grime and dirty water with its high grade T1 Carnauba wax and hydrophobic polymers making it a very durable paste wax giving great detergent resistance.

1. Collinite 476S Double Coat

img_9381.jpgWe Like: Outstanding durability, relentless protection and great value

We Rate: 9.5/10 Protection. 8.5/10 Application.

We Say: Collinite is renowned world-wide for one thing; durability.

The wax may not have a great fruity smell like most others available on the shelves, but makes up for it with the performance of a world-class wax. The wax itself spreads very easily and with a damp sponge, or microfibre applicator, is very economical in use.

Even if you forget about the great value price and bought it at 3x the current cost it would still be an award winning wax and unbeatable even against waxes costing 10x as much!

This wax will reward your hard work and protect your car all winter with fantastic gloss and beautifully tight water droplets, which just roll of the paint..and keep on rolling off the paint for weeks.

We have tested and seen a lot of other waxes that produce equally as impressive water beading like Collinite 476S, but there are very few that can match its durability and relentless protection.

Get your car protected for winter with Collinite 476S!

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