Best Glass Sealant 2017

The Best Glass Sealant Provides Safer Driving In Wet Weather And Easier Cleaning. We Test The Most Popular Ones To Determine The Best.

We tested the most popular glass sealants for cars by testing them side-by-side through a series of tests.

These are the test results after a 6 month test period which allowed an accurate conclusion of performance factors and real-world results.

Best Glass Sealant Test

All the glass sealants we tested repel water very well so the most important factor in our test was durability.

To ensure the sealants were put through the toughest test we used them side by side on the front windscreen.

This is where the most amount of dirt and bugs accumulates as well as the constant use of wipers which accelerates wear.

Over a 12 week period we reviewed each glass sealant for its durability in terms of hydrophobic properties (how well the water beaded) and how effective they were in wet weather driving.

As well as the durability, each product was reviewed for its overall value and ease of application to give an all round best glass sealant winner.

Best Glass Sealant Review

Rain X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant

Rain X 2 in 1 Rain repellent and Glass Cleaner improves wet weather visibility and safety by creating an invisible hydrophobic coating that repels rain, sleet and snow.

The coating also makes for easy removal of ice,salt,mud and bugs.Ideal for car windscreens,side and rear windows and even headlights.

The 2 in 1 Rain X Rain Repellent also has the added bonus of glass cleaner included so cleaning prior to application is unnecessary.

Once application is complete a hydrophobic film is left on the surface which repels water and grime quicker than without.

Easy to use and apply, simply apply to the microfibre cloth and wipe onto the exterior of your windscreen/windows using a circular motion. Reapply as necessary.

Rain X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent will last around 60 days but frequent reapplication offers the best results.

Today’s price on Amazon: £13.64

Rain X Rain Repellant

Another podium place for Rain X but this time for their dedicated glass sealant.

Unlike the 2 in 1 Rain X, the standard Rain X  has a higher amount of repellent offering superior durability and hydrophobic properties.

Application is slightly more time consuming than the 2-in-1 version but is worth the extra effort.

Using a foam applicator and microfibre towel makes application and removal an easy and effortless process.

To get the best performance, a second application of the Rain X sealant is recommended as well as ensuring complete coverage.

Despite the small bottle size, a very small amount is needed so will last you months if not years!

Current price on Amazon: £6.66

Power Maxed Rain Off Glass Sealant

Rain Off – Glass Sealant Rain Off dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility.

The hydrophobic effect is extremely evident during rain and your vehicles routine weekly wash.

Water can be seen beading off even a static vehicle but is enhanced while driving with wind speeds taken into consideration.

Benefits Durability: Up to 3 months in winter, and 6 months in summer 500ml solution will cover at least 30 average windscreens.

Water blows off with speeds 30mph+ and reduces the need for the use of windscreen wipers.

Power Maxed Glass Sealant repelled water faster and for longer than the Rain X equivalent.

Application was as simple as a glass cleaner but with the durability of a dedicated sealant.

Todays price on Amazon: £9.91

Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant

Based on covalent nano-technology, Supernatural Glass Sealant creates a chemical bond with glass to form an extremely durable water-repellent coating.

Visibility in rain is improved dramatically and it may even extend wiper life.

Durability is its strongest property and lasts between 6-12 months before reapplication is required.

Glass needs to be completely clean and free of residue before application (use Supernatural Glass Polish or Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol beforehand) and wiper blades should be cleaned or replaced to prevent unnecessary abrasion of the new coating.

The kit comes with a 50ml bottle of glass sealant (enough to seal the glass on 2-3 average-sized cars) and a low-absorbency lint-free application cloth.

Supernatural is fairly tricky to apply and you don’t get very much for your cash, but on glass it really worked for us.

Not only was the finish ultra-durable, but it was also easily the best at shifting water.

Plus, it showed no sign of flagging even after 12 weeks. And as you don’t need to use very much, this tiny pack could provide years of protection.

Price On Amazon Today: £19.95


enduroshield best glass sealant review AUTO EXPRESS BEST BUY 2011 EnduroShield takes the honours in tests as it delivers remarkable stamina.

Throughout assessment, this product showed absolutely no sign of flagging.

Against RainX, Rainaway, Halfords, Diamondbrite, Turtlewax, Anglewax among others, Enduroshield was the stand-out performer in Auto Express tests.

Right to the end of the test, it beaded water from the screen and is less fussy to apply.

Optimum Performance: EnduroShield uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to transform automotive glass into a high performance, ultra-long lasting rain repellent surface.

This non-stick invisible coating turns the rainwater into beads, which are easily swept away, ensuring clearer vision in wet weather driving.

Ultra Long Lasting: Unlike traditional coatings, which need to be regularly re-applied in order to maintain their ability to repel water, EnduroShield is ultra-long lasting on your windscreen.

Lasting around 12 months, EnduroShield lasts up to 10x longer than other coatings. In the absence of wipers, side windows last much longer.

Armor All Shield For Glass

armour all best glass sealant review Armor All® Shield for Glass has been specially formulated to repel rain, dirt and snow from your windscreen. Our revolutionary formula forms a non-stick protective barrier against the elements.

Once applied, Armor All® Shield for Glass delivers unparalleled water beading, dramatically increasing invisibility especially during wet weather driving. Out-Protects, Out-Performs, Out-Beads.

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