Best Headlight Restoration Kits

We have tested the latest and most popular headlight restoration kits so you can restore your headlights with minimal elbow grease and maximum results!

  • Save £££s knowing which headlight kit to buy and which to avoid!
  • Get clarity in your headlights and see better at night!
  • Avoid MOT failures with these quick and easy fixes!

Headlight Restoration Kit Reviews

Autoglym Headlight Restoration Kit

autoglym headlight restoration kit

Best Price: £18.40
Sealant Included:
4 Stars

Everything required to restore neglected headlights is included in the box, so you restore your headlights straight away.

However you will need a cordless drill.

It has everything you need to restore even neglected headlights that have turned yellow and started to haze.

It comes with the drill attachment needed to use the 75mm sanding discs.

You can get your headlights looking like new however you will need to use or buy a separate sealant to prevent the oxidation happening again.

Overall a great kit, just needs some sealant to complete the package.

Buy On Amazon: £18.40

3M Headlight Restoration Kit

3m headlight restoration kit

3M have also been in the car industry for decades but have mainly been producing professional products for body shops including polish and abrasive papers.

However due to their extensive history in bodyshop supplies they are very good at making abrasive products and polish.

This makes the 3M kit one of the most effective headlight restoration kits due to the quality of the products and the most consistently even abrasive sanding discs.

It contains 6 x sanding discs, 4 x finishing discs, 1 x trizact pad (3000 grit) and a polishing head with compound to polish out the sanding marks plus the necessary backing pad to connect it all to your cordless drill.

The 3M kit easily rectified all the hazing and dullness in our test headlights and makes light work of all oxidation damage.

The trizact finishing discs leave a really even and fine haze which easily polishes out with the supplied polish.

However like the Autoglym kit, you will need to apply a plastic sealant to the headlights once restored to prevent them from oxidising and becoming cloudy again.

Buy 3M Headlight Restoration Kit On Amazon

Turtle Wax Headlight Kit

turtle wax headlight restoration kit

The turtle wax headlight restoration kit contains all you need to restore your headlights.

It includes sanding discs, compound to remove the sanding scratches, lubricant for the sanding discs and lens sealing wipe.

The Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit is one of the only kits that comes with a sealant to protect the headlights once they are restored.
This will help prevent them from oxidising and turning yellow again so you won’t have to spend your time and money twice!

The kit is effective at removing a moderate level of oxidation and will really enhance even the most neglected headlights.

However it will struggle with deep marks or heavily oxidised headlights; at this point we found the use of 1000 grit wet and dry paper was required to remove the deeper marks before continuing with the kit.

Today’s Price On Amazon: £10.25

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