Best Wheel Cleaning Brushes 2017

We test and review the best wheel brushes to make it easy to choose what you need to keep your wheels looking like new.

Best Brush For Inner Rim

Cleaning the inner barrels and intricate parts of your wheels not only helps them look like new but also prevents corrosion by removing the rust promoting brake dust.

Using a fallout remover with a brush designed to clean the hard to reach areas will keep your wheels looking fresh by making it easy to dissolve stubborn brake dust.

Long reach wheel brushes also make it easy to clean your brake calipers keeping your brakes clean and adding to the as-new appearance.

Vikan Long Reach Brush

vikan-long-wheel-brushThe Vikan Long Reach Brush is a long term test winner and a popular favourite between professionals as a go-to wheel cleaning brush.

Durable bristles that have enough cleaning power to remove stubborn dirt but won’t scratch the finish, sturdy handle, long enough to clean to the back of the widest wheels and is made of two sections so the main head can be unscrewed and replaced when worn; great specs for a wheel brush.

Like other Vikan brushes, it is very high quality but does still feature an exposed metal tip. However, like the other vikan brush on test, the metal is bent over so there are no sharp edges and unless you use enough force you won’t cause damage to your wheels and is completely safe to use.

EZ Detail Brush

ez-detail-wheel-brushThe EZ detail brush is one of the most popular wheel cleaning brushes among enthusiasts known for its long reach, large cleaning area and non-scratch bristles.

The shaft is also flexible making it possible to clean the back of the spokes without having to use a wash mitt dedicated for wheel cleaning, it can be bent into shape then straightened out when finished to return it to its original position.

The EZ detail brush is available in small, large and a stiffer version that resembles a toilet cleaning brush known as the EZ GO.

Your own wheels will decide which one/s you need but despite the size of the largest brush, the Nylon Nylex bristles will fold and bend into very tight gaps and flex around the most awkward shapes.

Find Out More About The EZ Detail Brush On Amazon

Vikan Spoke Brush

vikan-spoke-brush-stiffAnother great option for cleaning between spokes and reaching into the barrel of your wheels is the Vikan spoke brush.

It is ideal for fairly tight access as our testing found it isn’t large enough to clean large open areas effectively so is best kept for behind calipers and cleaning areas that have limited access; grilles are also easily cleaned.

Despite the Vikan spoke brush having an exposed metal end, it is a single piece of metal that is twisted and bent at the end so the sharp end pieces are hidden inside the plastic handle.

Even without any additional protection, the metal is smooth and unlikely to scratch unless used with force unlike the EZ Detail Brush which despite having a rubber tip does have sharp ends which when exposed can cause significant damage to your wheels.

The Vikan wheel brush has also proved to be one of the most durable brushes we’ve tested as it never seems to degrade in terms of looks or performance even after 3 years of testing; the German quality build and design is proven once again.

Available in Soft and Stiff options!

Best Brush For Cleaning Wheel Faces

Auto Finesse Hog Hair Brushes

auto-finesse-hog-hair-detailing-brushesAuto Finesse Hog Hair Brushes are the perfect blend of functionality combined with gentleness to provide effective cleaning without damaging your wheels.

Most wheel brushes are either very effective but at the cost of being aggressive and damaging the surface or so gentle that they are too soft to be effective at cleaning off brake dust.

Auto Finesse get around this by using Hog Hair; a great alternative to polyester which enables effective cleaning but is still safe to delicate surfaces including wheels, door shuts, trim and complex grilles.

The bristle length is also great at reaching deep into wheel faces and around wheel nuts (everyone likes clean nuts).

More Info on Auto Finesse Hog Hair Detailing Brushes on Amazon

Vikan Wheel Face Brush

vikan-wheel-face-brushVikan appear for the third time in our test simply as they are one of the best manufacturers of brushes across the whole cleaning industry.

This specific wheel brush is ideal for general wheel cleaning especially the large areas like the wheel face and cleaning the tyres.

It features split bristles which ensure a gentle but effective cleaning brush and the single piece polypropylene handle makes it ultra durable.

It’s also a really versatile brush and I’ve found it’s a go-to brush for so many other tasks like cleaning wheel arches, unpainted trim, hard to reach undercarriage areas and under bonnet areas, it’s just got the right amount of cleaning power but never feels like you will damage anything.

Read More Reviews on the Vikan Wheel Brush on Amazon.

Best Heavy Duty Wheel Brush

Atlasta Wheel Cleaning Brush

atlasta-wheel-brush-reviewWhen you are equipped with a normal wheel brush and an effective wheel cleaner and still can’t get the results you want, this may be the brush for you.

It can be used with any wheel cleaner including acids, non-acids and fallout removers and won’t distort or break down over time.

Our personal Atlasta wheel brush has been used for about 3 years and despite showing signs of abuse is still as effective!

It’s another tool that you may find you can’t live without in your car cleaning arsenal; it’s a super duty brush you can use to attack the worst grime, brake dust and built up oil you can find and saves your other brushes getting destroyed.

I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday cleaning but used in conjunction with Autoglym Clean Wheels to remove stubborn brake dust that’s built up in the corners of your wheels, it’s unbeatable.

NB: This Atlasta wheel brush is also the original brush that Autoglym copied!

Read More Info on the Atlasta Wheel Brush On Amazon.

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