Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer Review

Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer is an easy to use ‘spray on, wipe off’ product designed to remove light soiling from vehicles surfaces.

As well as this it provides added protection to your paint in the form of polymers which is basically a synthetic, or man-made, wax.

This adds a water repellent (hydrophobic) coating to your paint which makes water form droplets and run off making it easier to clean and easier to dry.

And lastly, these polymers add a high gloss shine so not only will your car be clean after using the Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer, it will look very shiny and turn heads.

How Easy Is Meguiars UQD To Use?

Meguiars UQD is very easy to use with its spray on application which emits just the right amount of product to be able to clean the surface but also not so much that it soaks your microfibre and clears up real easy.

Meguiars UQD Used on Rolls Royce Ghost

Meguiars UQD Applied To RR Ghost

I found one to two sprays across a door or wing is enough to clean up and light marks or dust which is then buffed to an intense streak free glossy finish with a dry microfibre (or flipped over to a dry side).

How Effective Is Meguiars UQD?

So far I have tested Meguiars UQD mainly after washing my vehicles so it’s mainly been used for a final wipe down of any missed spots of light water spots for which is has been ideal and given my vehicles that extra little step up in gloss and sharpness.

I have tested it on vehicles that have light soiling after a couple of days since being washed and has proved very effective at not only removing the light dirt but always preventing fine scratches or swirl marks while doing so plus the finish it leaves it truly like you’ve just waxed it!

Other Uses For Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer

As well as obviously being able to clean and protect paint, I have found that Meguiars UQD is great for finishing and detailing door shuts, giving your interior glossy surfaces an intense shine and even give glass a truly streak-free finish.


Meguiars UQD is being added to my detailing arsenal for its ease of use, superb glossy finish and flexibility.

I love the way it doesn’t streak on black paintwork and adds a level of gloss that takes a lot more time and effort to accomplish using traditional multi-step methods.

It’s also great as a maintenance product to protect and boost the wax on your car and is the perfect product to use as often as you want, mainly to maintain a showroom finish on your car between washes but also as a finishing product once your car has been washed.

Highly recommended and well worth keeping in your boot and other car cleaning weaponry.

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