Best Soft Top Cleaners 2017

best soft top cleanerWe test and round up the best soft top cleaners to try and help make convertible ownership more enjoyable!

What Makes The Best Soft Top Cleaner For Fabric Hoods?

We believe a great soft top cleaner should be quick at breaking down the green and brown dirt, easy to use and good value.

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There is little use finding a product that is cheap to buy but does nothing more than a basic shampoo; same as buying a great product that leaves your wallet empty!

So, what made the short list on our review of the best soft top cleaners for cars?

Best Soft Top Cleaner For Fabric Hoods

5. Smart Carpet Soft Top Cleaner

Smart wax first came on the market with their fantastic wheel wax designed to protect alloy wheels from stubborn brake dust.

Having been successful they have expanded into other areas and as such have developed Smart Carpet.

The product is a pleasant to use chemical which prides itself on being free of toxic chemicals, soaps, detergents, bleach or solvents.

This is very good as it makes it safe on all fabrics including soft tops and can be used without harm on even the most delicate of soft tops.

It works well and the d-limonene ingredient works well to break down grimy soft tops.

It broke down the dirt on our test roof but not being a biological cleaner makes it less competitive against the big guns in this test.

4. Turtle Wax Soft Top Roof Cleaner & Cabrio System

We Like: Good value, both cleaner and protectant included

We Don’t Like: Extra items needed to complete the job, could be more effective

Turtle Wax are one of the oldest manufacturers on this test and have been producing car care products for many years.

Turtle Wax Soft Top Cleaner is designed to be safe and effective on all types of soft tops so can be used on mohair, canvas and fabric.

It worked well on our convertible test car however didn’t quite have enough power to get the most stubborn marks out.

This would be a great option for regular maintenance of your soft top but we would look to one of the other kits by Autoglym or Meguiars for neglected soft tops.

Although this test was focused on finding the best soft top cleaner this kit does include a protectant which makes it better value and one of the reasons it lands in the top 5.

Despite being one of the most established brands their Soft Top & Cabrio System doesn’t impress as well as a product of this heritage should.

Read More Reviews On Turtle Wax Soft Top System Online

3. Renovo Soft Top Cleaner 500ml

We Like: Good cleaning power & large container

We Don’t Like: Application could be a lot quicker & easier

Renovo are one of the largest soft top care brands across the UK and also across the globe.

As they only make soft top products they do have the upper hand against some of the larger car care companies.

The Renovo Soft Top Cleaner was applied to our convertible test car and left to dwell in order to break down the dirt and algae.

This was agitated using a soft top brush as the product is supplied without any extras for this, great if you have your own brushes already but not great if you don’t.

The Renovo worked well and removed nearly all of the ingrained dirt and algae with no unpleasant smells or unnecessary perfumes added for a more pure and effective product.

However, despite being very good products the application process really needs some work as it recommends being applied with a paintbrush which will ensure a thorough application but take a lot longer than spray application.

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2. Meguiar’s Convertible and Cabriolet Cleaner

We Like: Easy and quick application & great value

We Don’t Like: No tools or kit option, test winner more effective

Meguiars are a great car care supplier and was a strong contender in our search for the best convertible roof cleaner for cars with their quick and easy to use cleaner.

It was a pleasure to use, especially after trying to apply the Renovo cleaner, which ensured its place in the top 5.

It was just as quick to remove the soiling from our test car as the Renovo, but was effectively quicker as you don’t have to apply and wait before agitating.

Meguiars Convertible Cleaner is effective on lightly and heavily soiled roofs although with the lack of included tools and multiple applications required to remove the worst marks it landed into second place.

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1. Autoglym Fabric Hood Cleaning Kit

We Like: Great value kit & highly effective products

We Don’t Like: Brush needed for neglected spots

Autoglym Fabric Hood Kit is a great value kit designed to restore and maintain soft tops to an as-new appearance.

The cleaner is a highly effective biological solution which actively breaks down any algae and dirt.

Application is quick and easy using the supplied spray bottles, applying a controlled dose of the cleaner (or protectant).

If your soft top hasn’t been cleaned for a long time it is recommended that the cleaner is left to dwell overnight to allow the solution to naturally break down the soiling.

Once applied to the roof, the soiling can be agitated using the supplied sponge.

The sponge makes light work of creating a foamy solution which quickly turns green and brown if soiling is present.

The soiled solution can then be quickly and easily rinsed away using a low pressure hose.

Heavily soiled roofs may require a second application but we found that the use of a soft top brush like the Vikan Soft Top Cleaning Brush removes far more soiling from neglected roofs.

Alternatively the cleaner can be left to soak overnight to allow the biological solution to fully saturate and break down the worst algae and soiling for easier removal.

The Autoglym Fabric Hood Cleaning Kit makes it easy to clean and revive your soft top to look like new and is one of the best value kits with the protectant and sponge included.

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  2. Kerry Jones

    These seem to be great products. Thanks for sharing. But for relishing a good al fresco drive one must mount a good wind deflector. My ride could only be transformed into a silent drop top after I installed the Windblox windstop. I would highly recommend this draught-stop to anyone looking to get rid of the wind noise and turbulence on their convertible.

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